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COLD ROLL SHEET : Cold Rolled steel sheets (CR) have fine surface and excellent workability. They are

used for various purposes including automobiles, home appliances, furniture, office equipments,

industrial machines and construction material. Due to economic development and the advancement

in consumer’s level, the customers are gradually requiring high quality of diversified and

functionalized products.

a) Dimensions :

 Thickness – 0.30mm – 3.15 mm.

 Width – 750-1800 mm.

 Length- As per requirement.

b) Supply condition : Coil / slit coils / sheets form .

2. CRNO Coils & Sheets:

To meet the demands of the electrical industry, we offer Cold Rolled 
Non Oriented (CRNO) fully processed

steel used in the manufacture of magnetic 
cores and components.

1. Dimensions :

 Thickness – 0.30mm – 2.3 mm.

 Width – 750 to 1500 mm.

 Length- As per requirement.

2. Supply condition : Coil / slit coils / sheets form .

3. Galvanized Steel : Galvanized steel products are now being used in a wide range of automobiles,

electrical equipments and other industrial machinery as well as in civil engineering and construction.

Since galvanized steel products are characterized in excellent formability, weldability, paintability as

well as anti corrosion, they can meet the high quality requirements of the users.

a) Dimensions :

 Thickness – 0.35mm – 3.00mm.

 Width – 750-1800 mm.

 Length- As per requirement.

b) Supply condition : Coil / slit coils / sheets form .

c) GSM: 120 TO 550.

3. Hot rolled coil and sheets : Hot Rolled Coil and Sheet steels in a wide variety of specifications,

manufactured to meet international standards and a wide range of market requirements like forming,

bending, deep drawing, laser cutting and welding. High carbon grades are especially suited to meet

challenging wear and fatigue performance.

a) Dimensions :

 Thickness – 1.6mm – 200mm.

 Width – 750-2500 mm.

 Length- As per requirement.

c) Supply condition : Coil / slit coils / sheets form .

4. Hot rolled pickled coil and sheets : hot rolled coil or sheet steel that has been descaled of oxide film by

either a chemical method, mechanical method, or a combination of both and oiled to help retard corrosion

during storage and after descaling. "HRPO" is available in various gauges, widths, and cut lengths or coil.

a) Dimensions :

 Thickness – 1.6mm – 6mm.

 Width – 750-1800 mm.

 Length- As per requirement.

d) Supply condition : Coil / slit coils / sheets form .

4. M S SECTION : These sections are used in infrastructure, industrial construction and light construction

segments such as power plants, transmission line towers / telecom line towers, fabrication, bus /

truck bodies, electrical towers (SEBs / railways), industrial sheds, commercial and individual houses,

portable houses and so on.

Moreover it includes various products in itself as mentioned below :


We have in store for our Clients a wide range of MS Angles  which form one of the indispensable parts in

areas of construction, fabrication,industrial,agriculture.  Using high-grade raw material.

Our MS Angles range is appreciated for the following features:

1. Dimensionally accurate

2. Corrosion resistant

3. High tensile strength .

MS Angles are L-shaped structural steel represented by dimension of sides & thickness.

Available Sizes    : 19 × 19 × 3 to 200 × 200 × 16 mm

For e.g. 50x50x6 means, both the sides of angles are 50mm in width & 6mm in thickness.

 MS unequal angle:

They are angles in which both the sides are of different dimensions.

For e.g. refer below given diagram in which the sides are of “a” & “b”.

 MS Channels :

Channels are mainly used in fabricating structures,industrial components, agricultural impliments  and many

other utilities.

Sizes ranges from 75×40 to 400×100.

We strive to provide our customers a wide assortment of good quality MS Channels. Available in various

standard sizes and weight specifications. Our mild steel channels are famous among our clients for their high

tensile strength and longer life.

Available from 75×40 to 400×100 size ranges, our M. S. Channels are perfect for various industrial

applications. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the trusted Mild Steel U Channels  suppliers

based in India. Our Mild Steel Channels confirm to national and international quality norms.

 M S joist :

We offer to customers, a complete range of MS Joists in varied shapes and sizes. With multiple

application in various industries and structures. Our range ofMS joists have extreme resistance towards

heat and corrosion, which make them withstand all kind of external environment conditions.

These MS Joists & beams are made from superior quality steel and used in various

construction applications.

I Beams          : MB 100 × 60 mm to 600 × 360 mm

H Beams        : 100 × 100 mm and onwards

U Beams        : 200mm to 600mm

 M S FLAT :

We stand as one of the best suppliers of MS flats in Bangalore. Our MS flats have high tensile strength, extra

bendability, higher elongation values and are corrosion resistant. They have high weldability because of less

carbon content.

Available Sizes        : 12 × 3 to 200 × 20 mm


These bars are supplied in a variety of sizes, thickness, grades and finishes to suit varied applications. MS

Rounds are made using premium quality raw materials to ensure excellent corrosion resistance, accurate

chemical compositions and requisite mechanical properties.

Available Sizes   : 6 mm to 100 mm

 Bright bars :

Our precise gamut of structural steel products is preferred in different industries across Bangalore

like Chemicals, Fats & Fertilizers, Ship Builders, Paper, Construction and Steel Plants.  These bars are

responsive to induction hardening and have high tensile strength.

Bright Bars    : All kinds of Squares, Flats, Hexagons and Rounds

Squares    : 10mm, 12mm, 16mm

Hexagons: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm

Rounds    : 10mm, 12mm

Flats        : 25 x 6mm, 32 x 6mm, 40 x 6mm, 50 x 6mm

 Z Steel Angles : To meet the diversified requirements of our prestigious clients, we are engaged in

providing Z Channel or Z Angle. Acknowledged for its features like durability and light weight, this

channel highly demanded among our clients. The offered channel is checked properly by our quality

experts upon distinct parameters of quality. Our respected clients can avail this channel from us at

market-leading prices.

MS TUBES : Backed by the support of qualified professionals, we bring forth our customers a wide range of

Mild Steel Tubes. Available in various sizes & specifications, our steel tubes are widely catering the needs of

various engineering industries. Owing to their robust construction, high strength, corrosion resistance and

durability, our tubes are highly acclaimed in the market. Clients can avail these Mild Steel Tubes within a

short time duration.

6. TMT BARS : Strength of the bars are carefully controlled by optimizing the water pressure for their

pearlitic core and tough surface of tempered martensite, thereby providing an optimum strength, ductility

and toughness. TMT bars are widely used in general purpose concrete reinforcement structures, bridges and

flyovers, dams, thermal and hydel power plants, industrial structures, high-rise buildings, underground

platforms in metro railway and rapid transport system. TMT Bars are thermo-mechanically- treated through

leading world tempcore based technology for high yield strength. The process involves rapid quenching of

the hot bars through a series of water jets after they roll out of the last mill stand. The bars are cooled,

allowing the core and surface temperatures to equalize. The bar core cools down slowly to turn into a

ferrlite-pearlite aggregate.

7. Stainless Steel Sheet: Stainless Steel Sheet is a metal formed by processing raw material into flat and thin

pieces. It is a fundamental form that is used in metal processing because it can be cut and bent into various

shapes. Numerous every day objects can be made with stainless steel sheets. They even form basis of

formation of other steel based products like stainless steel pipes and stainless steel tubes.

Stainless Steel Sheets are available in various types like:

◦ Stainless Steel HR Sheet

◦ Stainless Steel CR Sheet

◦ Stainless Steel 2B Sheet

◦ Stainless Steel PVC Sheet

◦ Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Sheet

8. Stainless Steel Pipes: A pipe is a hollow cylinder often of circular cross-section but could have rectangular

and square cross-sections as well. It is mainly used to convey substances like liquids and gases (fluids),

powders and other products that can flow through it. It can also be used for structural applications.

Stainless Steel Pipes can be in various types:

◦ Seamless Pipe

◦ Welded/ERW Pipe

◦ Square Pipe

◦ Rectangular Pipe

9. ALUMINIUM SHEET: Aluminium Sheet, the most widely used form of aluminum, is found in all of the

aluminum industry’s major markets. In packaging, sheet is used to manufacture cans and packages. In

transportation, aluminum sheet is used to manufacture panels for automobile bodies. Aluminium

Sheet is used in home appliances and cookware. In building and construction, it is formed into

products including siding, gutters, roofing, awnings and carports. Aluminium Sheet can be color-

anodized to black, gold, red, blue and hundreds of other colors. It can be etched to a matte finish,

polished to a sparkling brightness or textured to resemble wood and painted.

Thickness Available: 0.28mm to 3.0mm

10. BRASS SHEET: Brass Sheet are Produced from Stringent and Robust Quality Copper and Zinc. Increase in

Demand of Our Extruded Quality Brass Sheets have Made Us One of the Most Reliable Wholesale Supplier of

Brass Sheet Which is Used in Various Applications such as Forming Watch Dials, Making Zippers, Shirt

Buttons, Making Lead Frames for Computer and Similar other Applications.


◦ Thickness: 0.10MM TO 10MM

◦ Size: 14 INCH X 48 INCH, 16 INCH X 48 INCH, 24 INCH X 48 INCH, 48 INCH X 48 INCH


11. PB SHEET: Phosphor Bronze Strips through Horizontal Continuous Casting route on Technica Guss –

Comptucast HCC Line. The Cast Strands are milled / scalped on In-Line Milling Machine to remove all the

Oxides from both the surfaces before rolling.

Phosphor Bronze Strips upto a thickness of 0.2 mm and width range of 10 mm to 380 mm with maximum coil

weight of 8 Kgs per mm width.

12. COPPER SHEET: The customers can avail Copper Cold Rolled Sheets from us in desired thickness and size

as per their specific needs. Our Copper Cold Rolled Sheets are widely used in chemical tank, pipe, building &

construction material, medical equipment, food industry, kitchen utensils etc.

SIZE: 0.1 mm thickness to 25 mm and width range of 10 mm to 380 mm with maximum.